When it comes to coordinating your wedding party’s attire, don’t think of your groom as third in line, behind your bridesmaids. Aside from you, he’s the most important person in the picture! So make it a joint venture and go for a doubly stunning knockout look.

His style should: Coordinate with yours, fit the formality of the wedding, reflect his personality, and fit his body type. He should also have extras (accessories) that tastefully set him apart from the other men in the wedding party.

“Some grooms are quite particular and know exactly what they want,” says Noah Peterson, a manager for Tip Top Tux in Omaha. “They’re after an ultra-polished, modern look” in a slim-fit tuxedo with slim notch lapel, crisp white or ivory shirt, and a tie and pocket square with subtle pattern.

The other category of groom, Peterson says, doesn’t have a high care factor. For a groom who wears jeans and a T-shirt every day, the idea of a tuxedo can even be met with dread. A way to get around that dilemma, he says, might be a new suit – tailored just right – with a rented vest, tie and pocket square.

It’s a look that’s growing in popularity over tuxedos for all types of grooms at Jos. A. Bank and Men’s Wearhouse in Omaha.

The biggest draw? “For about the same price as a tux, he gets to keep the suit,’’ says Dalton Burnett, a retail manager for Jos. A. Bank.

Think you’ll skip a jacket altogether and just put the groom and his attendants in trousers, shirt, tie and vest? Burnett and Peterson advise against it. Save the look for the reception, when the day’s formalities are over and it’s time to party.


  • Slim-fit tuxedo in gray, slate blue or white
  • Hollywood glam, tux in white
  • Gray suit with tie, vest and pocket square
  • White or ivory dress shirt; pastel vest
  • Subtle pattern play in tie, pocket square
  • Chestnut or matte gray dress shoe


  • Begin the menswear search at least eight weeks in advance of the wedding.
  • Rent tuxes from the same store to ensure that the colors match (There are many shades of black, gray and navy.)
  • Instruct out-of-town groomsmen to have their measurements taken at a formal wear store in their local area and sent to the groom for relaying to the local store.
  • Arrange for the rental attire to be picked up a few days before the wedding so that there’s time to correct any problems. A wrong tux could have been ordered or the fit may be incorrect.
  • Appoint someone to return the tuxes after the wedding.

By Chris Christen