These trends are so done. Spend your wedding budget wisely on more creative ideas!

Wedding Planning Top Trends To Go

If you’re planning a wedding this year, consider doing away with some tired top trends. (Photo : Twitter Photo Section)

Like many trends that come and go, some elements to mounting a lovely and memorable wedding are no longer fresh and exciting. Here are some of the overused and uninspired ideas to stop using if you’re planning a wedding this year:

1)  String Lights

While lights can make the venue look magical, there are other creative ways to design the place other than putting string lights across the room. What about pendant lights? Or use lanterns as centerpieces on the tables, such as this white wedding paper lantern from Lights For All Occasions.

2) Photo Booths and Silly Props

Initially a fun idea, photo booths are becoming a tired element to a wedding reception, especially when there are props that don’t even have anything to do with the wedding’s theme. Why not go for videos? “Instead of still shots, guests are captured on video where so much more can be accomplished – like an explosion of confetti or a fun stunt!” said event coordinator Whitney Wing,¬†according to The Huffington Post.

3) Chalkboard signage

Using a chalkboard to display the seating arrangement or menu should be left to bars and restaurants. Better save your money in other creative ways, such as this glass frame.


Wedding Planning - Glass Frame

(Photo : Pinterest/Tracy Slate)
Instead of chalkboard signage, use glass frame.

4) Mason Jars

Bad news: mason jars are no longer trendy. Now that the jars are being mass-produced from China and sold mainstream, it has lost its novelty and coolness, according to The Independent. Perhaps go back to basic, like using a clear bowl for the centerpiece. Or use ice buckets, which can double as wine bottle containers, if you’re serving this to guests.


Wedding Planning - Ice Bucket

(Photo : Pinterest/Caitlin Schlauch)
Instead of mason jars, use ice bucket.


5) Dessert bar with candies and mini-cakes

This wedding trend exploded a few years back as couples wanted a creative way for guests to have dessert options. It also looks really cute in photos. Why not switch it up with an ice cream cart or ice cream truck?


Wedding Planning -  Ice Cream Cart

(Photo : Pinterest/Ciara Chanel)
Instead of a dessert bar, why not have an ice cream cart?
By Rachel Cruz