Mystical Entertainment Group Michael Marquez Identifies the Latest in Gay Wedding Trends

( — December 23, 2015) –Since the monumental Supreme Court ruling, more and more LGBT couples are getting married. Wedding professionals are going to all lengths to attract the LGBT market but sometimes tend to treat these couples like traditional couples. They are not!

Gay weddings can be very different from your standard heterosexual wedding,” explains Michael, “At the end of the day everyone has a common goal: Join two beautiful families and have a great time!”

Here are a few simple trends that are emerging for same sex weddings for 2016.
1) Use of candles instead of floral arrangements for decor. Candles en masse are totally popular right now. Clustered candles as centerpieces, floating candles, candelabras, or even a series of clustered pillars are becoming more and more popular. If real candles aren’t allowed, we are using LED candles. LED candles have come a long way and make this design element even more appealing.

2) Two aisles for the ceremony continues to be a hot trend.  This gives each bride or each groom their own space – they love the “two becomes one” metaphor and of course, it’s another place perfect for decorations. Love it – very hot!

3) Branding the weddingSame-sex couples are going the extra mile to personalize their wedding and working with a graphic designer to make everything branded with their wedding monogram. Everything from the save the dates, to the menu card, to the place card and even favors are branded with the couple’s wedding art. Wedding hash tags are also a huge hit!

 4) Wedding weekends. Three-day weddings are super hot right now. If you think about it, having all your nearest and dearest in one place doesn’t happen very often. We are going beyond the rehearsal dinner and the brunch to really planning full on group activities for three consecutive days. It’s fun for everyone and guarantees a memorable experience!

5) Cupcakes. I hate to say it but cupcakes are still super popular. They are a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away as bakers find more and more ways to make cupcakes unique, personal and artistic. We are seeing cupcake flavors bring in the couple’s personality as well – flavors beyond just chocolate and vanilla, but really anything you can imagine! Elaborate candy buffets are also becoming increasingly popular.

By Aaron Dielmann