For 2015 bridal trends, this will be a crucial question, since many couples are planning to go against tradition, adopting alternative path regarding their wedding festivities. And since the actual location will more or less be an unexpected one, logistics will vary a lot, making each one of the events a really special occasion and a deeply personal matter. Customization which is the luxury of our times spans many aspects of entertainment and lifestyle including nuptials. Tech, social media along with a departure from the formalities and the conventions of bridal etiquette, bring about more creativity and broader interaction. It’s a modern couple’s way to spread the word and share their happiness with as many or few people as they wish. Let’s check the latest novelties in dancing the special night out. Guests this year will have more fun than ever!


Photo booths were last year’s major trend and they keep on snapping fun moments during weddings; yet they rapidly develop into an array of ways to record and crystallize the best instances. They turn into video booths or they swap with the more retro idea of an onsite silhouette artist/caricaturist. Guests pose and bond over this cool experience. There is an artistic edge into it and something genuinely personal!


Technology takes the whole thing of documenting wedding festivities into a whole new level through the use of GoPro cameras and drones flying overhead capturing the big picture. Guests are sort of recruited to snap every single detail and hashtag it on their social media accounts. Sooner or later the whole wedding bliss gets viral!


More than ever attendees feel part of the experience. It gets playful with offerings such as a basket of thematic props for all to play dress up such as hats, jewels, feathers, wigs and moustaches! Interactive entertainment includes also the possibility of DJs paying to request. Encourage your guests doing so, giving them notepads and pencils to write down their requests, or adding a request option to their RSVP. Let them choose their favorite tunes and incorporate them into your flexible playlist!


Entertainment this year might have an exotic flair matching a possible Tropicana chic décor or similar influence. Latin or tribal music comes to the forefront again. Imagine a setting including Blue Curacao cocktails, flamingo statues, Aztec print rugs and tropical flowers.


Cool vibes and a casual approach are of the moment. Couples want to have fun and avoid stressful procedures and pre planned things that make them feel like performers instead of real-life persons. Simplicity takes over! After all it’s a warm family affair among best friends and relatives; not a corporate event!


Entertainment trends can take two distinct 70s-inspired directions: either the Studio 54 glam and dancing scene or the bohemian Woodstock festival style. It’s either sparkle, color and artsy extravagance or the modern-day Coachella spirit, each one dictating slightly different tunes from the same decade! LED dance floor or a large muddy yard? You choose!


One of the most eye-catching ways to do it is video mapping which means projecting customized images, initials, graphics and other messages on the walls and any surface at the venue. Installations mostly depicting the initials of the couple might be made of neon lights, flowers, Plexiglas and other materials. It’s a bit pop art!


British culture mostly popularized through the stylish royal family and some successful TV series (e.g. Downton Abbey) is adopted in weddings. Some of them are organized as afternoon tea or garden parties with British delicacies on the buffet! It’s a totally different entertainment direction.  


Champagne towers, cocktail bars and bourbon tasting stations are the most high-end ways to kick of a bridal party and lift up the spirits. They enhance mingling with other guests and (why not) flirting!


Couples still love Elvis and Sinatra but prefer all the charming renditions of the classics. They love acoustic versions, remixes, and unexpected live tunes mixed with the initial track. Some of them hire one musician (a saxophonist, bongo player or violinist) to collaborate with the DJ. It looks like a live program but it’s way smarter and more affordable.


Busy couples, usually living together before getting married, prefer making it official all alone at the city hall or a distant exotic destination, skipping a traditional ceremony, and going forward to a real party. It won’t be a formal sit down dinner but a cocktail reception with food circulating all night long among people dancing and singing to the tunes. Ideal spaces for it are not the typical banquet halls but museums, restaurants, lofts, art galleries, their homes, or even caves. Those long weekend festivities feature another new trend; circus performers, fire artists and jugglers!