Newly-married and feeling a little glum? That’s not unusual! The post-wedding blues are no joke: Plenty of brides feel down after the big day because all of the excitement around wedding planning has come and gone, and they no longer have an outlet for their energy and creativity.
If you’re looking for a post-wedding project to keep yourself busy and happy, consider one of the following options!1. Frame your dress. You could literally frame your dress if you didn’t mess it up too badly at the reception and have a huge wall to fill, or you could do something a little simpler but equally sweet: have a sketch of your gown framed alongside a swatch of the fabric!

2. Host a brunch for your pals. Bust out your new china and flatware along with the recipes we know you were pinning during wedding planning, and invite your friends over for a beautiful brunch. This will give you a party-planning outlet but won’t be nearly as stressful — or expensive!

3. Start a blog. If you really loved making DIY projects for your wedding, consider starting a craft blog. And if DIY wasn’t your thing, consider starting a newlywed blog to document your first year of marriage. Having a new creative outlet will inspire you, and you just might find a huge audience!

4. Go HAM on your thank-you notes. Write each guest a haiku or a limerick thanking them for their gift and explaining how you’ll use it. Or snap a Polaroid of yourself and your new spouse doing something totally unexpected with the gift and include it with your thank-you note.

5. Try a new sport or activity. And now for something totally non-wedding-related… Getting your mind off the big day and focused on something new is a fun and healthy way to cope with the post-wedding blues. Why not join a baseball team, sign up for hula dance lessons, or train for a 5K? Doing something physical will give you an outlet for all of that post-wedding energy.

By Stephanie Hallett