Here is a short description of what your DJ needs to have for your wedding day:

1. Experience in performing at weddings (a club DJ does not make a wedding DJ)

2. Up to date dance floor lighting

3. Lapel microphone or stand alone microphone for ceremony

4. Second setup capable of providing the sound at your ceremony.

5. Experience being an M/C not just spinning tunes but running the show! That is a real M/C

6. They will provide you with a timeline for your ceremony and reception

7. Have some fun ideas for wedding games to be played during the reception

8. Have a personality!

9. All digital music! We don’t need to be using vinyl records anymore.

10. 2 wireless microphones to use for the best man toasts.

11. The ability to play off the crowd, sense what music works for the crowd to keep them engaged and what does not work and be able to change fluidly throughout the night.

Remember your Disc Jockey/Emcee makes or breaks your wedding.  Yes you could find someone on a cheap site to play music for a few hours for 5 or $600 dollars, but when it comes to keeping things on track and making announcements, spend a little extra and #hirepros!


by Brad Merriman