A wedding is a celebration, a union, a commitment made in front of all your most cherished loved ones. But it can also be pretty stressful. There will be times when you hit a few bumps in the road while planning your big day, so you’re going to need someone to turn to during those times in need. And luckily, there are quite a few people who will totally have your back when you’re looking for a shoulder to cry on or someone to browse wedding inspiration with you. We’ve come up with a list of our top 5 Wedding All-Stars, to help you get down the aisle with a smile on your face.mom_wedding_moment
Photo by Paul Von Rieter

1.Your BFF. Duh. She’s been by your side through thick and thin and she’s not about to back out now. On those days when you just can’t handle another seating arrangement, dress fitting or passive-aggressive email from your mom — call in your bestie for reinforcement. She’ll put things into perspective, and take immediately action, just like she always has.

2. Your seamstress. You’ve found the perfect gown, and they’re the one to help you feel like a million bucks in it. Painstakingly measuring, cutting, hemming, and sewing, her ultimate commitment is to you looking and feeling absolutely perfect. Who else has such attention to detail?

3. Your venue coordinator. He or she is the one you call with every last minute major, or minor question. They know the location inside and out and can help you with maps, directions, seating arrangements, questions of temperature, and whether or not you can fit that last minute couple into the room. Think of the wedding coordinator as the concierge of your celebration — contact them with almost any need, and they’ll have you covered.

4. Your dear ol’ mom. Because she’s your mom! She knows you and what you need before you even figure it out. With just one look at her, it’s understood. She’s there to help get you what you need, and also there to tell you when you’re being a little bit too picky. Remember that this day is as important to her as it is to you; this is the woman you can rely on to make the day turn out flawlessly.

5. Your partner! You’re marrying this person for a reason: they’re the MVP of your team, your other half, your support system. Through thick and thin, cake tastings, and disastrous (but fun) dance lessons, your partner is there for you and on your side. When the going gets tough, you tackle every challenge together. Live up to your power couple status and give yourselves the highest of fives at the end of the whole wedding planning process — you did this together! Maybe you should, like, get married or something…