It is important to know the difference between different types of DJs and what is best for their event. There are different types of DJs across this country so it’s a good idea discuss your overall expectations with your fiance and your families. A friend of the groom might be a great mix DJ at the local club, but has limited wedding experience with a mobile system! Every wedding reception needs the DJ to be a confident MC and work closely with your whole team of vendors. Make sure your wedding DJ is not afraid of the microphone, but also someone who doesn’t use it too much for your tastes.

Here, a list of wedding planning questions and tips to keep in mind when booking your wedding entertainment:

1. What is their specific experience level at their venue? Do they know the staff and service style? Most venues have a list of favorite vendors that have earned placement and is a great reference.

2. Is the wedding DJ willing to sit down and listen to the couple to learn their likes and dislikes concerning music and interaction? Or does the DJ just provide a typical “package” with lights and inflatable give-a-ways regardless if you want them or not?

3. Does the DJ have back up procedures concerning equipment and staff? What happens if a speaker blows or the DJ gets sick the night before?

4. Is the DJ networked within the private event industry and affiliated organizations to help represent standards of excellence within its field?

5. A bride should book a wedding DJ (or Band) as soon as they have booked the date and venue. With strong referral networks, the venue preferred entertainers get booked first! It’s always recommended to book it now and have final planning 45-30 days prior to the event.