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For your next Party or Corporate gathering

When you’re planning a company holiday party, a corporate team-building event or any other function, what do you need from your entertainment company? You need an accomplished team that will offer custom-tailored entertainment and help you make the event a memorable experience.

Working with you to help everyone have a Great Time

In our experience of providing entertainment at parties and other company events, we have learned a great deal about what we and our clients can expect at these gatherings. One of the most important things we have learned is that there will always be many different personalities and many different social dynamics that must be taken into account.

You can have people from various age groups at an event and those in different age ranges will have different tastes in music and activities. You will also have a wide range of interest in participation. Some people will be the life of the party, while others will be hard to get out of their chairs for any reason. This is where having an experienced entertainer pays off. Working with someone who knows how to keep your “party machines” going while creating an inviting atmosphere for the more timid guests, and who can bridge the divide between different generations’ taste in entertainment, leads to a successful event that everyone can enjoy.

Year after year, companies and party planners look to us time and time again for their events. Call us today and let us help you begin the planning process.

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Mr. Johnson was the DJ at my 50th birthday party. That was a very important night to me and he helped to make it a night to remember. We had a very versatile group, ages 21 to 70, everyone enjoyed the music selections. Mark played music from the sixties on up through today’s top hits. I am still receiving requests asking who the DJ was and how to contact him.
William White Jr