When the bride accepts her dance with the groom, she accepts him for the rest of her life. The first dance is also the couple’s first joint endeavor. As the centerpiece of your reception, your song for your first dance is very important. It is a reflection of you and your new spouse, and your timeless love for each other. In picking the perfect song for your wedding planning, you may want your wedding DJ to consider a few things:

Do the words of the song have a special meaning to you? Or do they fit how you feel about each other?

Are there clear beats and a steady tempo for you to follow? (Beware of songs with unclear beats, or changing meter. They can be lovely to listen to but challenging to move to.)

How long is the song? Remember to leave your guests wanting more. We recommend dancing for around two minutes. This sounds short but can feel like an eternity when you are all alone with all eyes on you. All song lengths can be adjusted. Most songs are five to 10 minutes, so prepare your wedding DJ to fade at a certain time or have the song edited to end at the desired length.

Weather it was the song that played on your first date or the background music to your first kiss, your first dance song should capture the spirit of how you feel about each other, and fit your personal expression.