Brides and Grooms Say oh oh oh Shut up and watch the the unstoppable wedding trend of 2015

Brides and Grooms Say oh oh oh Shut up and watch the the unstoppable wedding trend of 2015

Wedding trends come and go. Mason jars, bridal jumpsuits, drones. Organized dance routines have been popular for a while, and flash mob dances—where friends and family do some pretty basic choreography to surprise a member of the wedding party (or the wedding guests)—show no sign of slowing down. But this year, an overwhelming, heaping ton of surprise routines are set to Walk The Moon’s hit “Shut Up And Dance.” Apparently, if you’re not doing “Shut Up And Dance” at your wedding, you’re doing it wrong.

Here are 10 of the best “Shut Up And Dance” wedding flash mob videos:

One common way a bride and groom can integrate a flash mob into your wedding is to just make it the first dance. First dances are boring anyway! No one wants to watch you sway for five minutes—why not include the entire wedding party?

The production quality of this video is actually kind of insane. No one has ever looked as happy to be in a flash mob as Rachel & Dan. Congrats Rachel & Dan!

A good move is to use the line “this woman is my destiny” as a cue to kiss the lady you just married.

Not all flash mobs start with the bride and groom—this one was kicked off during the best man’s speech.

By this point you might be asking, why this song? Well, “Shut Up And Dance” is upbeat, it’s presumably about dancing, and it stayed in the Top 10 on the Billboard charts for the entire summer. The band has said this song is actually about an awkward high school dance, but I guess there’s no closer feeling to that than dancing at your second cousin’s wedding in a flash mob.

This video of folks doing the Krakowiak, a traditional fast-paced syncopated Polish dance, is my favorite of all these “Shut Up And Dance” videos. I’m not sure that this is a flash mob, but it was too good to not include.

Some of these videos are pretty silly. Because these flash mobs involve normal humans dancing and not trained dancers, they are often not completely in sync and a little gangly. But families love to do surprise dance routines. It’s a sign of their great love for you, or their support of your marriage, or something.

Barefoot! Yes! Shut up and dance!

No, you’re crying at this video a couple’s family made for them that is also a surprise “Shut Up and Dance” dance.

Even kids can get in on the action.

If you want to add a “Shut Up And Dance” flash mob to your super cute fall wedding, this video will teach you, your friends and family a fun little flash mob choreography— even your best man John, who can’t do the cha-cha slide, can learn.

Marriage requires a lifetime of work and commitment, but flash mobs only require a few hours of practice (maybe) and heart of solid gold.

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