Weddings are beautiful, exciting, emotional, and joyous occasions…so why is it that it can also be synonymous with stress? Making a big life change and planning a huge event is a lot to handle while also maintaining your everyday life. Here are a couple of tips that every bride should follow to look and feel their best during the last couple of months or weeks leading up to the big day!


(Photo by Kristin Sweeting, Floral Design by 12th Table)


1. Get Sleep- A lot of it: Stress can cause a multitude of issues when it comes to falling asleep and staying asleep. Restless nights can wreak havoc on your energy, mood, productivity, and even your skin! To make sure you are able to get some beauty rest, try turning off all electronics and avoid any wedding related talk or planning an hour before you go to sleep. This will give you the time you need to unwind from a long day and allow you to do something you enjoy instead. This is the perfect time to read that book that has been sitting on your night stand, listen to music, or catch up with your future husband. This hour will give your body time to prepare to rest, making it easier to fall asleep when your head hits the pillow.

2. Be physically active: I know what you are thinking…you already have a million things running through your mind so how is adding one more thing you have to do going to help. BUT, don’t think about it as something you have to do and rather, find an activity that makes you happy! If you enjoy walking-then make it a priority to take a 20-30 minutes walk each day. If yoga is your thing, then grab your mat and commit to what you love. Not only will it make you feel great- but you will look great as well!

3. Drink water: Keeping hydrated can prevent stress from taking a physical toll on your body. Drinking water throughout the day can help keep your skin clear and radiant, saving you from a zit related freak out on your wedding day! Invest in a cute water bottle that will remind you to drink throughout the day. Staying hydrated will keep you healthy, focused, and ready to get married!

4. Talk it out! If the stress is really starting to get to you, do not hold it in! Talk to your fiancé, bridesmaids, family, or a different support in your life and let them know you are overwhelmed. Your bridesmaids are your best friends and they want to help with what they can! Even giving them a small task can be a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders.

5. Take time for yourself: One important thing to remember when it comes to your happiness and relieving stress is to do something you enjoy! It is so important that you take a break from the everyday stress combined with your wedding planning stress to do something that makes you happy. Whether that’s grabbing a book and going to your local coffee shop, going to the movie theaters, or baking a batch of homemade cookies, do something that makes you feel happy and whole!

Before you make your vows to your husband- make vows to yourself as well! Your wedding is too special of an occasion to be stressful, so don’t let it get to you. Follow these tips and remember to breath. In the end, how you feel at your wedding will over shadow any of the little details, so be sure to enjoy every moment.

By Leila Lewis