You hear it all the time, in varying syn taxes and tones: Marriage changes everything. While it may seem a bit over-the-top to say that swapping vows modifies your relationship entirely, it is true that marriage does shift the dynamic quite a bit, from your feelings to even your day-to-day logistics.While the changes are probably a little different for every couple, here are five transitions most couples experience after the “I dos.”1. You expect more from each other.
Whether you realize it consciously or not, many of us put more weight on the word “spouse” than we do “girl/boyfriend” or “fiancé.” While this doesn’t mean that you and your partner will never disappoint or upset each other, by this point in the relationship, you likely hold each other—and yourselves!—to a higher standard: You might expect each other to check in more, support each other more, or be more emotionally present and open.

2. You feel more secure—and comfortable.
It’s true that marriage can feel like one big cozy security blanket. You’re happy. You’re loved. And you’ve found your person. There’s a lot of comfort in that, for many people. Another thing that often changes when you feel more secure? So long secret habits and guilty pleasures. It’s all out in the open now!

3. You depend on each other more.
Saying your vows solidifies your partnership. While maybe you still call upon your BFF or your parents for support and advice, your spouse does shift into the role of your primary to-do and confidant, if he or she wasn’t already.

4. You realize that you can’t be territorial.
If you didn’t live together before marriage—or even if you did and split most things 50/50—you’re in for a big change once the proverbial knot has been tied. What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours now—which can be a big adjustment. Remember, sharing is caring!

5. You know that, no matter what, you’re in this together.
Even when you go through a rough patch or you have a particularly scary fight (you know the type we mean), there’s always that knowledge in the back of your head that everything will be okay. You’re a team now and you’re working toward the same goal: a long, happy marriage.